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Innovative Music Studios is a recording facility located conveniently in Jersey City. 
Joe Hernandez founded Innovative music in 2004 with the vision to create an artist friendly environment. Innovative Music has a great artistic and creative vibe that allows a recording artist to express their music freely. This vibe is one of the reasons that Innovative Music is a popular choice among recording artists.

Innovative Music Studios provides an array of musical production services. The services include recording, mixing, mastering, songwriting, arrangement and music production. Another service that Innovative Music Studios provides is working with one of many talented to producers. Artists can hire one of our in-house producers to help improve there song or help bring the song to life. All of these services are to help the artist reach their vision and goals when it comes to their music.

As well, Innovative Music Studios provides a large assortment of classes for students who are interested in learning music production. The classes that are offered are Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, Akai MPC, Hip Hop Production, Native Instruments Machine and Mixing Classes.

All Classes are 1 on1 at Innovative Music so the student can maximize what learned in each subject. The one on one teaching style at Innovative Music Studios is one of the most popular with the students because it caters to every students need.

Available Studios:

Consists of a 3 ft by 3 ft vocal booth, control room, and small drum all in one room. This room is perfect for musicians or a great listening room for a mix down.