Innovative Music Studios Biography

Innovative Music Studios began as a small Recording studio deep in Soho area in Manhattan and in 8 short years has blossomed into a 4-studio recording facility. This company is dedicated in helping musicians of all genres reach their artistic vision. With this Vision, Innovative Music has helped developed artists in all phases of their career create the best possible product. Innovative Music’s work ethic has helped built this small startup into what is today.

After working in several different studios in the Boston and New York area Joe Hernandez created innovative Music Studios in the summer of 2004. His vision was to create an artist friendly recording studio. The Studio’s goal was to create a comfortable recording environment where artists could be free to express the music they wanted to record and innovative music would be responsible for helping them attain that vision.

Innovative Music Studios has worked with clients such as Kool Keith, Raekwon of Wu tang clan, Dipset, Hell Rell, Serious Jones, Baby Sham of Flipmode Squad, Sadat X, and much more.

Joe Hernandez Biography

Joe Hernandez began his journey into the music industry during an internship at Columbia Records. At this internship, Joe was given the opportunity to sit in during a recording session for the world famous group The Fugees. Joe said “I remember that day like it was yesterday…I just remembering the energy and creativity that was in the room…it was an experience like no other” After this session, Joe decided that working in the studio and making music was what he wanted to do in his life. Joe Hernandez enrolled at Northeastern University the following fall.

While at Northeastern University, Joe gained a lot of experience by working out of Northeastern own recording studios as well as interning at Bristol Recording Studios. Joe said, “I just remember working on many interesting projects… it taught me so much about recording and music it was knowledge that I considered priceless”.

After Graduating from Northeastern, Joe free-lanced for a few recording studios but could never get consistent work as a freelance engineer. So after a year of Freelancing Joe started Innovative Music Studios in his Manhattan apartment. The studio in the apartment worked well it was a studio that was only promoted thru word of mouth. Joe states “The first years were really difficult trying to get people to trust enough to go to your apartment to work on their music…but my hard work and dedication won out”. So after 6 months of grass roots promoting a studio out of an apartment, Joe found a space in Manhattan, Soho area to setup up the new offices of Innovative Music Studios. Even though it trials and tribulations Innovative Music is still considered one of the top studios in NYC.