Maschine Classes

Maschine Classes

Maschine 1 is an overview course that will teach you all of the skills needed to master Maschine. This Class will cover subjects such as sampling, chopping, midi integration, looping and much more. This Class will teach to be proficient is using Maschine as your production tool.

Maschine Course Covers
  • Learn Techniques The Pros Use
  • Sampling and Truncating
  • Looping and Timestretch
  • Drum Programming
  • Virtual Instrument intergration
  • Learn How to properly Add Effects To Bring Out Your Beats
  • Making Beats into a song format

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  • Learn Native Intruments Maschine Program
    • 10 week course
    • 1 on 1 instruction
    • Meets once a week for 2 hours each class s
    • Hands on experience
    • New Classes are starting each week
    • Flexible Class time