Innovative Music offers two options to all clients when helping the artist decide on mixing their project. The mixing options are “out of the box mixing” or “in the box mixing”. These two options should be discussed with your mixing engineer when deciding on which options fits best for your project.

Out of the Box Mixing

This mixing option details that the audio engineer will incorporate outboard analog gear to your mixes. The Mixing Engineer will add coloring to your music tracks that cannot be matched by using only plugins. This process results in a larger bigger sounding mix. The only negative to this process is that it takes a lot longer than “in the Box” mixing but generally will garner desired results. This type of mixing is recommend for Artists who plan on making commercial releases to the public.

In the Box Mixing

This mixing option details that the Audio engineer will only use audio plugins during the mixing of your song. One of the major benefits in using this method is the speed in which the song will be completed. One of the negative to this process is that it may not achieve the mixing results that are desired for a commercial release. The option is recommended for artists who are recording demos, mix tapes or a recording that is not being considered for a commercial release.

Mixing process includes:
  • Confirm all tracks are recorded properly
  • Apply Equalization
  • Apply Compression
  • Apply Reverbs and Delays
  • Apply all Effects needed to bring out tracks
  • Proper Balance between all tracks
  • Summed mix into NEVE 5060