Studio B

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Studio B

Joe Hernandez and Saga Legin designed Innovative Music’s Studio B room. The Room was designed similar to the room that innovative music had during its early stages of a recording studio in SOHO, Manhattan. Studio B features beautiful hardwood cherry maple floors as well as acoustic ceiling tiles. Saga Legin added his flavor to the studio by adding the elements of the soundproofing. With these 2 elements, Studio B is the most versatile rooms in Innovative Music Studios.

Studio B is a versatile room because of the various recording features that this room can provide for clients. One of the major functions of this room is aspect of mastering. The mastering equipment that is located in Studio B gives clients the option of Analog or Digital Mastering. All Mastering is done by head mastering engineer Saga Legin who has done masters for several independent and Major Artists.

Also, in studio B, Clients are able to get high quality mixes with their music with several different outboard gears that is featured in this room. The room can also cater to vocal recordings and as well record a guitar from time to time. Due to all of these features in this studio this is what makes Studio B the most versatile room.

Choose your package
  • Pro Tools HD 2
  • Digidesign 192
  • Control 24
  • Mac Pro Intel
  • Roland XV5080
  • Roland Motif Rack
  • MOTU Express
  • Mackbook Pro
  • Korg Oasys
  • Akai S950
  • Emu MoPhatt
  • UBK Clariphonic
Outboard Gear:
  • SSl Xlogic Superanalog preamp
  • Neve Portico 504
  • Empirical Labs Distressor
  • API 560-B
  • API 550-B
  • Chandler Ld Comp
  • Millennia Pre-Amp
  • Chandler Ld Eq
  • Lachapell EQ
  • Lachapell Pre-Amp
  • Harrison Eq
  • Empirical Labs De-esser
  • API 527
  • Atomic Squeeze box
  • Obsidian G-Compressor